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BPS Football Match Timelapse

Personal container - sarayut sunthonthai

Poland - Italy Football Match shot in timelapse on 2011/11/11 in Wroclaw, Poland. This is a compilation of timelapse footage we shot for an upcoming corporate film for BPS Bank SA. Production: Film Polska Timelapse Production: LookyCreative Timelapse cinematography director: Patryk Kizny Timelapse cinematographers: Patryk Kizny, Robert Paluch, Mateusz Zdziebko, Maciej Siemieniuch Assistants & Runners: Maciej Tomków, Mateusz Kacprowicz On-set data archiving: Aga Gonczarek Color grading & edit: Patryk Kizny Shot on Ditogear equipment: Learn more at