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The Mummification Process

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The ancient Egyptians developed a sophisticated method to preserve a dead body for the afterlife: mummification. First, the internal organs were removed and all moisture from the body was eliminated. Next, the body was wrapped with long strips of linen, and then covered with a large linen cloth. Follow the steps of the mummification process in this short animation about the Getty Museum's Romano-Egyptian mummy Herakleides. Love art? Follow us on Google+ to stay in touch: http://bit.ly/gettygoogleplus Download video (ZIP files): HD 480p (MOV 74 MB) -- http://bit.ly/sAMzM HD 720p (MOV 188 MB) -- http://bit.ly/rsYRo iPod/iPhone (M4V 30 MB) -- http://bit.ly/4bUgMV Mummy of Herakleides: http://bit.ly/Tg76E Getting to Know Herakleides: Exploring a Red-Shroud Mummy from Roman Egypt: http://youtu.be/HA0lEglXFQU